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Welcome to our “Curious Corner!” 🤓🔍 Here, we’ve gathered all your burning questions, curiosities, and ponderings into one whimsical wonderland of knowledge! From unraveling the mysteries of our platform to decoding the secrets of the universe (well, almost), our FAQs are here to help!


WINK+ is Stellar Ace’s engagement platform to reward users with points for active engagements within the WINK+ ecosystem. Users can earn points (travel on SMRT train network, scan WINK+ QR codes or engage in WINK+ activities) and redeem WINKs that can be used for direct cash discounts at participating merchants’ outlets.

Create a WINK+ account by downloading the WINK+ app and registering using a valid email account and mobile phone number. Do make sure to use a valid email address and mobile number during registration as you will be required to send validation for account related matters (i.e. password update, account unlocking) in the future.

WINKs can be earned by collecting points when travelling with SMRT. To get more points, users can scan WINK+ QR codes found on static and digital advertisements within SMRT stations/buses/taxis as well as Kallang Wave Mall. Thereafter, points can be exchanged for WINKs, on 1st come, 1st served basis.

The current conversion rate is:

Travel by SMRT trains: 1 tap = 1 point (point will be credited into eWallet after 3 days) Scanning QR codes: 1 scan = 1 to 2 points (more for sponsored campaigns) 50 points = 1 WINK+ = $0.50

To enjoy your WINKs at participating WINK+ merchants:

  1. Convert your WINKs to eVoucher (It is up to you to set the eVoucher value, for example, 2 WINKs is equivalent to $1.00) or click ‘back’ or WINK+ Logo to go back to the main page. You can always choose to convert to eVouchers in your Account page at a later date.
  2. In your Account page, select your eVoucher and scan merchant’s QR code or key in the 4-digit branch code at the place of redemption. WINK+ merchant’s QR and branch codes can be found at the merchant’s payment point.
  3. Merchant will either scan the eVoucher code using their own scanners or key in their WINK+ merchant code on your phone for authentication. Upon successful redemption, you may click ‘close’ to return to the main page or exit the app.
  4. Important notes regarding the use of eVouchers:
  5. Not exchangeable for cash
  6. May be used for purchases at participating WINK+ merchants, of an equivalent or lower value, though the difference will not be refunded to youMay be used for purchases at participating WINK+ merchants, of a higher value, on payment of the difference by you
  7. Must be fully redeemed. No refunds of any/or leftover portion of the eVoucher value will be entertained
  8. No claims for compensation will be entertained for confiscated and expired eVouchers

POINTS: No expiry
WINKS: Expire at 2359 hrs, on 31st December of every year
EVOUCHERS: Expire 30 days from date of conversion

Travel Card ID refers to CEPAS, or Contactless e-Purse Application CAN ID. The CEPAS CAN ID is the 16 digit number engraved/imprinted on the back of your EZ-Link or NETS card. Membership ID refers to the respective membership IDs of affiliated WINK+ corporate partners (watch out for our mailers and push notifications).

WINK+ is free for all to download and use. However, WINK+ rewards and benefits are not entitlements. Users are deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the WINK+ app if they continue to use the app.

  • You may want to check the below settings on your mobile.
  • For Apple phone users who are not able to use their cameras, please ensure the following:
  • Go to Settings -> WINK+ -> Camera. Please make sure the Camera is “On”
  • Go to Settings -> WINK+ -> Location. Please allow Location access
  • For Android phone users who are not able to use their cameras, please change your phone settings to give permission to WINK+ app to access the camera. Exact settings vary across phone models. Also, ensure that location setting is turned on (HIGH ACCURACY) and that GOOGLE SERVICES are updated to the latest version. Users who have no location data for their scans consistently will have their accounts confiscated and suspended.
  • For your information, Android 9.0 (Pie) or higher versions require users to give camera access permission to apps. WINK+ app will not hijack user’s phone to access the camera without user’s permission. This is not a bug within the WINK+ app.
  • Detailed terms and conditions can be found here.
  • NOTE: Actions including but not limited to the scanning of stored images and/or internet images of WINK+ QR codes, creation of multiple accounts, masking of identities, code-sharing, GPS spoofing, scanning via VPN, etc., are in direct breach of WINK+ terms and conditions and we reserve the right to suspend your account and confiscate the points, WINKs, and eVouchers without prior notice. Accounts will be suspended permanently for repeated infractions.
  • TIP: Do not take photos of the QR codes. It is very easy for the system to identify the scanning of such codes. Stored images scanning will inevitably lead to the confiscation and suspension of all accounts. Periodic checks are conducted on users’ scan logs for compliance. Similarly, changing the user profile to circumvent campaign requirements will also result in the suspension of accounts.To unlock your account, please refer to FAQ:’Why am I unable to login even when using my correct username and password?’
  • We hope that our customers will abide by the Terms and Conditions and create a level playing field for all customers so that as many people as possible will get to enjoy the benefits of WINK+.

Each WINK+ QR code can be scanned once every 24 hours. However, there may be occasions (e.g. sponsored campaigns) whereby the scan interval is shorter. Do remember to turn on your push notifications and subscribe to our marketing newsletter. When network connectivity is poor, ‘Invalid Scan’ pop-up may appear during scanning. No scanning is allowed after midnight due to daily maintenance of the system.


You must accumulate at least 50 points to exchange for 1 WINK. Click the ‘Redeem WINKs’ button and tap any of our sponsors’ banners to start the exchange. Once done, you can choose to use your WINKs immediately by hitting the ‘Convert to eVouchers’ button. If you do not want to convert to eVouchers, hit the WINK+ logo or ‘Back’ button to exit or the ‘Account’ button to view your updated account.
Still unsure on how to enjoy your WINKs? Go to FAQ: How do I enjoy my WINKs?

Travel by SMRT trains: 1 tap = 1 point (point will be credited into eWallet after 3 days)Scanning QR codes: 1 scan = 1 to 2 points (more for sponsored campaigns)50 points = 1 WINK = $0.50


Yes, of course. Simply get in touch with our sales team to find out more!

You will be paid twice a month. Payment will be credited into your bank account via GIRO. Amount of payment will be the amount of the eVouchers which you have authenticated with the WINK+ server.

You will be given WINK+ collaterals and point-of-sales materials, for example, posters, decals, standees (with WINK+ QR code and branch code prominently emblazoned) to be displayed in your store to let customers know that you are a WINK+ merchant. In addition, your outlets and locations can be found by customers via the WINK+ app under WINK+ Merchants.

WINK+ merchants are identified by prominent point-of-sales materials, for example, posters, decals, standees. To check for participating merchants, please use WINK+ app and check under WINK+ Merchants.


Download the WINK+ app from the Apple app store or Google Play app store. During registration, customers can choose to input their CEPAS CAN. For customers using the Citibank SMRT Card as a travel card, simply register the 16 digit CEPAS/CAN ID found at the back of the card.

No. If you have previously entered your CEPAS CAN, it will remain in our records. There is no need for you to link your card again.

Yes, they will. Simply download the WINK+ app again and sign in with your existing username and password. Your WINKs and rewards will be reflected correctly. If this does not occur, please check that you have used the same sign-in credentials that you used at the point of registration. If you need any assistance, email us at

For iOS, iPhones running on iOS version 15.0 (and above) are supported. For Android, devices running on Android OS version 9.0 (and above) are supported.

  • Google mobile services are required for the WINK+ app to function properly.
  • Knox enrolment errors have been reported. If you have experienced similar issues, kindly contact your IT department for access rights.


Drop us an email at We are more than happy to assist and will reply to you between 9am and 5pm, Mon-Fri (excluding public holidays).

If you cannot successfully log in and/or find yourself locked out from using WINK+, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Users are found to have created multiple accounts, and/or
  • Users are found to be engaging in stored images scanning, e.g. taking photos of codes and scanning them, sharing of codes amongst different users, etc.
  • No location logged from the scans
  • Input invalid year of birth (such as 0098 instead of 1998)
  • Violated any of the Terms and Conditions

To reactivate or unlock your account:
STEP 1: Send an email from your registered email address to
STEP 2: Whatsapp/SMS ‘Acc Unlock’ to 9239 7064 with your registered mobile phone number
STEP 3: Where applicable, provide a letter of consent from a parent or legal guardian for users with registered date of birth that suggests an infant or toddler

NOTE: Successful unlocking of account may take up to 14 days or based on the expiry date of your latest eVoucher, whichever is later.

On average, enquiry from users will be attended to within an hour upon receiving the enquiry and we will always inform users of the reasons for locking their accounts. Do take note that the locking of accounts is mostly initiated by the system (average of 0.05% of daily active users) and our customer service officers will have to conduct manual investigation before advising the customers of the reasons for locking. WINK+ is not introduced for us to accuse our users. On the contrary, we will always seek clarifications from the users for the cause(s) leading to the locking of their accounts. On most occasions, accounts are unlocked without penalty.

Repeat offenders, however, shall have their account suspended for up to 90 days, after all points and WINKs are confiscated and/or from the date of expiry of the last eVoucher, whichever is later. Continued gaming of the system or serious infractions (massed code-sharing, multiple account creations, script scanning) will lead to permanent suspension.

Scripted scanning is viewed as a serious breach of the Terms and Conditions as well as the system security of the WINK+ portal and we will refer the case to the relevant authorities.

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